MeowChat and PetSpeak

Wow, you kids really like overanalysis of imaginary pet languages, huh? The best thing about writing Cats Can Has Grammar has been the responses.

  • Mat sent me a link to this SF Chronicle story on MeowChat, the online language adopted by cat fanciers when they impersonate their cats in online chat. Note to whomever writes the headlines over at the Chron, if you have to say, “It’s not just for crazy cat ladies”, it’s already not true.
  • Danny also brought up MeowChat in my comments here, offering up this overview which gives us a “gives a reasonably good breakdown of that story, though unfortunately in heavily accented meow”.
  • I made it to Language Log! “After a bit of investigation, though, I’ve decided that I don’t feel badly enough about this to undergo the lolcat immersion required to change it.” NO LOLCATS FOR U LOL.
  • Metafilter loves lolcats.
  • And finally, I found the tags and descriptions that people used while bookmarking the post on to be delightful.