There are a million reasons to post the video for Cameo's "Word Up", but today I am sharing this with you because it features LeVar Burton Gettin' Funky!

[![Cameo - Word Up]( "Cameo - Word Up")](
[Cameo – Word Up]( "Cameo - Word Up")
LeVar is looking like a long-lost member of the Time, and you don't need a VISOR to know that's a sharp look! YES I DID JUST MAKE A [VISOR]( JOKE.
If you want to undo the extreme funkiness of this clip (Larry's sportin' the big red codpiece!) then you can inflict the [Ko?n cover of this song]( upon yourself. It's of the same quality you've come to expect from everything that Ko?n does! That's a nice way of saying they suck! Even Limp Bizkit is the fault of Ko?n, right down to the deliberate spelling error! That's dumber than the [heavy metal umlaut](! There's a [film]( about heavy metal umlaut's wikipedia entry! I can't stop shouting about this awful band! I wish I were a wolf so I could gnaw off my own paw![](
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