All Over The Web

Just a quick roundup of some recent conversations I’ve been having around the web:

  • Fast Company interviewed me about applying the lessons of Web 2.0 to government. I’m always happy when I can mention my love of New York City and pop music while also talking about the importance of using the web for civic purposes. They also published this Rennio Maifredi photo of me, which my Twitter friends agree is very creepy.
  • A One-on-One interview for the New York Times’ Bits blog, discussing a bit about my work at Expert Labs while working in a reference to LL Cool J.
  • Reddit did an “Ask Me Anything” thread where people could ask me whatever they want. I answered a bunch of the questions in text, and a video of me answering the most popular ones will be up shortly.
  • The Morning News’ interviewed me as well, and I must have been in a mood at the time, because it kind of ends with some uncharacteristic ranting.
  • And CNN just published an editorial of mine where I talk about the importance of the decentralized web. What if we had all decided to rely on AOL Keywords for 911 emergency services?
    Hopefully you’re not all too sick of me after that; I’ll try to share some of the recent presentations I’ve made at events I’ve been speaking at recently as well — I’m very excited about a lot of the conversations I’ve gotten to participate in lately.