Call and Response

Lots of nice writing out there that either replies to or references some recent posts here. Highlights:

  • Dictatorship Versus Democracy in app store politics at Fast Company, by the always-genius Gina Trapani. A clear contrast between Mozilla and Apple’s approaches, and the many other app stores that use similar models as well.
  • Slashdot (remember that site?) picked up the conversation about an open app store with a few insightful comments on the thread. It was more striking to me that I wrote a post that got Slashdotted, and didn’t notice. Valleywag predictably went a little darker on this topic, as Gawker’s Ryan Tate offered up “Beware the Garden of Steven“.
  • After I posted a small catalog of app stores here, ReadWriteWeb took the idea and ran with it, asking developers, “Can You Take Your Mobile App Somewhere Else?” Good question!
    Did I miss any other good responses? Nothing’s more satisfying than seeing people use ideas here as raw materials for their own work elsewhere.