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Animated GIFs Triumphant

![](http://29.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lo0td2lRdj1qzcq51o1_500.gif) “[If you can make it here…](http://fromme-toyou.tumblr.com/post/7384086694/if-you-can-make-it-here)“, Jamie Beck, 2011
It’s been 84 years since talkies began their march towards dominance over silent film. But while [1.3 billion people](http://www.the-numbers.com/market/2010.php) in the U.S. bought a ticket for a motion picture with sound last year, I’d estimate that 3.3 billion people will watch a silent film this year. That’s based on just the numbers from Tumblr alone, where we can count 180 million page views a day in the U.S. If just one in twenty of those visits includes a silent film, and we add in other popular media-sharing communities, then it’s likely that Americans watch at least three times as many short-form silent films in a year as they do theatrical releases. How can this be true? Due to the power and ubiquity of what may be the world’s most popular format for the moving image: The humble animated GIF image. The facts about animated GIFs are stark. They only support a palette of 256 colors. No current browser lists support for animated GIF as a codec for the HTML5
Anil Dash

Anil Dash

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