In this MetaFilter thread, Maura

In this MetaFilter thread, Maura said:

it’s so easy to get a platform if you’re a ‘revolutionary’ who’s parroting the status quo but snarling while you do it. yawn.

look, like i said… things are bad for everyone right now. no gender, race, sexual orientation, age group is left unaffected by the general malaise currently making its way across the planet. can we get past the identity politics and ‘who held my door’ and get into some solutions to these problems? it’s obvious that things are not okay, especially when you hear the edges on the voices of those who are proclaiming things are fine.

bleh. i am so frustrated. discussions like these are why it’s impossible to achieve any sort of progress these days; the essentialist debates can never be passed, and it’s just so — so — ANNOYING!

Maura is a very smart person. I like, and agree with, what she wrote. But I also happen to think that right now is also the best time in the history of everything that’s ever existed. Hmm, philosophical quandry.