What's worse than being a

What’s worse than being a whore? Being an unoriginal whore. Nevertheless, I have jumped onto the bandwagon with both feet and augmented the PayPal link up above (“Oh,” you think, “that’s what that big letter ‘P’ is!”) with an Amazon Personalized One-Click Extortion Button™ on the sidebar there. I know who’s been good and who’s been bad, and you don’t want to come here one day and see all the purple go away, do you?

Actually, it’s more of a technology test anyway, I’m kinda curious about the whole thing. I’ve spent the better part of today donating to Ev and Matt and Derek, or at least their very deserving efforts, and if my unemployed ass can do it, so can you. Go give ’em a couple of bucks.

If you’re intersted in becoming a client of mine, though, feel free to use any pay method that’s convenient…