Hmm... I got a search

Hmm… I got a search report for what people searched for on my site last month. I tend to check those out when they come in because they’re infrequent and a lot more interesting than the server logs that I guess I’m supposed to be obsessing over. So last month someone was rooting around my site and searched on the following list of terms:

  • love
  • photo
  • picture of me
  • age
  • brother
  • dad
  • drug abuse
  • family photo
  • girlfriend
  • marriage
  • married

Now, I’m assuming that it’s probably one of the prospective employers I’ve been applying and interviewing with, but what seems peculiar to me is that they wouldn’t just email me to ask about these things. I realize there are legal ramifications to a lot of these questions that preclude a formal inquiry into any of this in an interview situation. But I’m sure anyone clever enough to get to my site would figure a way to obliquely find this info out.

Maybe I haven’t made the link prominent enough, but you can email me, you know.