After a trying year like

After a trying year like this one, we take the holiday season to look around at our lives and take stock, to remember what really matters. And so, as these last few days of 2001 wind down, I’d like to refocus this site around a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. Thus, please enjoy my Color Me Badd Awareness Campaign.

Whether you prefer Mark, Bryan, K.T., or Sam, there is a facet of Color Me Badd for every personality. And sure, it’s easy to sink into the obvious pleasures of classics like I Wanna Sex You Up, but it’s their deeper catalog hits, like the beautiful, Jam & Lewis-produced Choose that make them such a staple of my daily playlist.

If you do follow that “Sex You Up” link above, be sure to do yourself a favor and check out the frozen-in-time promotional website that hosts it. Not only has the group itself broken up, but I think Giant Records, to which they were signed, has shut down at least once in the interceding years as well. Impressive!

[Editor’s Note: We here at are unsure which parts of the author’s enthusiasm for Color Me Badd are genuine, and which parts are ironic. Having been informed that irony died on September 11, we feel obligated to alert readers to this confusion.]